Sunday, March 14, 2010

Twinkling Eyes . . .

It was 8th Mar and there was sale of some stuff at his office. He paused for a moment and had a look at the stuff. He could not stop from buying a set a scented candles for her and had already decided to give by end of the day.

After he bought them, he went back to his desk and called his friend and asked her if she you would intrested in accompaying her till NCBS. She agreed and as planned, both finished their work early and met on the mid way.

He was very excited and wanted to surprise guddu and did not tell her that he was coming to meet her along with deep. They started on his bike for NCBS and for the first time he forgot the route and were driving on the unexplored parts of the bangalore city. Irony was whereever he stopped and asked the way out of the spider web of the roads, he was always requested to follow the fellow commuters who were often getting lost and he was back to zero and again the exploration begins.

Finally after about 2hrs drive, they reached he research center and then deep called her to find out where was she and still the suspense was not out that he and deep were at NCBS. She was having her dinner at the canteen. He left deep near the way to canteen and he went alone to the canteen looking for her. She had already finished her dinner by then and was returning to the lab and it was then that she saw deep standing and she just jumped in happiness.

He then got a call from deep saying that she was with her and then he walked back to them. She was jumping with joy already and to add more to it, he pulled her favourite thing scented candles and gifted her when they went back to canteen for dinner.

After the dinner, he took her out for an Ice-cream. She had her fruit flavoured ice-cream as usual and he his extra dark chocolate ice-cream. :)
He then bought some other little stuff for her and chocolates.

He had to leave back for home and was about to take a leave. He just looked at her and all that came to his mind were lines from Euphoria Band:
तेरे होटों के किसी कोने में हंसी की तरह मैं मेह्फुज़ हूँ . . .

She then hugged him and said thanks bhai and he was already in his best of times at Could Nine when he looked at her sisters TWINKLING EYES . . .

Monday, March 8, 2010


It was the brightest season of India. . .Streets full of energy and lights all around.

He was busy at his sweet shop interacting with the customers . . .Among the crowd emerged a beautiful smiling face with a company along.
She stayed calm among the crowd waiting for being attended and then heard "Yes Mam! How can I help you?"
She smiled again and gazed at the variety . . . The shelves were filled with various colours and flavours.

He Picked up his favourite - Motichoor Ladoo and offered it as a sample to the Mam and advised her to taste it. Before she could have had it, he interrupted :"Mam! Please dont eat it with your teeth, You might be insulting the Ladoo. Its delicate enough to be swallowed. Just put it over your tounge and it shall melt down. . .I have offered you the king of sweets and my personal favourite"

She relished it and ordered a kilo of the same. This impressed the guy to see a lover of quality who do not price it and negotiate. She tasted a few other varieties. She was along with her mother. When finally they were done, she wanted to know the total bill. The guy replied One thousand and twenty four. The girl searched her wallet and paid the amount. All this while, there was something that was tickling this guy. . . not knowing it exactly, he felt it was her smile. The guy called his servant and advised - "Shankar, Please help the Mam in carrying the bag of sweets till her rickshaw.

Before the girl and her mother were about to leave, the guy wanted to let them know of their other specalities. He told them that they prepare Club Kachories and Jalebi on Sunday mornings and insisted that they try having it some time. He assured them best of the quality and service and that makes his sweets priced more than the market price. This impressed the girl. She did not reply anything but agreed with a smile.

They were about to leave and exchanged greetings and then while leaving she told the guy that she was sent here by his best friend.

Time passed and they did not meet then the guy was surfing the net when this smile flashed his memories. He searched for it in his best friends list and was successful to locate her. He had sent her a friend request and was checking it regularly if it was accepted. After a weeks wait, he got the answer to his question if she remembers him. She had accepted his request for friendship and responded - "I remember you. To be honest, you are difficult to be forgotten!"

He was happy to read from her. They wanted to know each other and because their roads of interests crossed, they were happy exchaging shairies(Poetry flavoured in URDU).

May be this was the beginning of a new friendship. He still wonders and tries to understand his feeling that tickled him when he saw her for the first time. Then he left it believing that it was being goverened by Laws of Attraction.

There is an anvisible force that binds all the bodies in this celestial world. This is subtle and we often feel it but are unable to clarify what it could be. Both believed that - Opposites attract.

With the passing of time, this force was playing the magin and the interaction increased and they started spending much of quality time together. The guy was a bit flirt and the girl knew it. In one of their talks, he said that he would propose her when they meet. The girl was prepared and so was the Guy. The guy was preparing for thir first meeting and bought some gifts for her. He always knew that he would never propose her.

The day had come when they met in remote location not ealsily accessible as it was in the outskirts of the city. He wanted to surprise her every moment when they were together. He gifted her somethings but not all. Few were his pieces of work. He presented the last one:

"तुमसे मिलकर जीने का रुख सा बदल गया . . .
बिना कुछ कहे और सुने इकरार हो गया . . .
मुझको तोह मुझी पर यकीन न था . . .
ना जाने क्यों तुमपर ऐतबार हो गया . . .

लगता है मुझे अब तुमसे प्यार हो गया !!! "

She had the most beautiful magical eyes on the planet explored so far. He was reading out every piece of work that he gave but for this one. She insisted: "Say! Say! Say!"

There was a reply - "I LOVE YOU!" This was a fact which he had not understood or rather was denying from but her magnetism had done the wonders. He knew that he had started loving her and so was she but he was scared to hurt her ever by anymeans - As truly said:" We do not talk with the fear of loosing the ones we love but the fact remains that we loose the love by not talking."

They shared so much is common that they always felt that were shadows of each other. Perhabs this was the first time that the LAWS OF ATTRACTION were being defied. They were happy defying them. He Loves her and she loves him but none is sure about the tomorrow and Happy living the very moment and creating history.
I reading this today feel its SERENDIPITY that they met and they are waiting for the SUNRISE together watching the SUNSETS.
"You may always live a lifetime in few moments with someone rather than searching moments lived in the lifetime."

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Walk to remember

Happiness is the word for a good time that lasts for a short while. . . but if the same thing can make a mark on your memory, it becomes the king of good times and then it no longer remains Happiness rather is called bliss.

I was talking to her on phone early in the evening and she sounded a little low. She was tensed and puzzled and was not able to find a solution. It was not easy for me as well but just advised to flow with the wind when you cannot make the wind flow in your way. She was getting exactly what I was saying.
After taking to her I felt that she was stuck in a spider web and the problems were like monster spiders and she was not finding a way out to kill the spiders or come out of the web. I thought let me take part and stay with her for a while in the web and make her realise that the web is just temporary and is going to vanish.
I left the office and met my travel agent on the way. I had already made up my mind to travel to chennai and meet her.I knew if I would have told this to others, they would have stopped me saying it was crazy. It did not matter to me if they did but they would have attempted to stop me from going and I did not want that to happen. So I got the tickets booked for the night and return the next day. Chennai is not one of the places I am comfortable with because of various reasons not to be mentioned explicitly.
Anyways I had arranged everything for my trip and then informed all that I was travelling. I boarded the bus and the journey had begun. I had fortunately charged my IPOD full and was listening to songs. Then I opted for a movie and watched it completely and then slept for a while and then the next time i opened my eyes, I was in chennai in guindy.
I got down and took my bag and was ready to traverse the unexplored and the unknown territory. It took a bit of time and help from a security guard at a tech park to book and board a taxi early in the morning for sholingnallur but finally it was done. I boarded the taxi and started on my way to meet her. I called her up on her land line and asked her what time does she get up?
She was a little confused early in the morning at half past five to understand if she should be shocked or surprised. It took few minutes for her to realise that I was actually in chennai to meet her and it was a pleasant surprise.
I reached the place to the guest house where she was staying. She came down and hugged me. She smiled and we planned to go for a morning walk. Though not of my kind but I agreed.
It was not a very long one but good and nice to walk early in the morning after a long time. The options we banked for having a breakfast were not open yet so we had a nice extra sweet chennai coffee at a stall nearby followed by a nice fag sitting beside a lorry on the road side which was from the great fertile lands of Punjab!
We then returned to the guest house and resumed our office work. we had to call off the office early by around 3 in the afternoon.
We then started to the besant nagar beach in a bus. It was nice to travel in the Volvo AC bus in the humid and sultry conditions. We got down at Madhya Kailash and got an auto to take us till the beach.
It was beautiful and just beautiful over there. open water till we could extend our vision. We removed our shoes and carried them in our hands and were walking at the shore. The water was playing with us. at regular intervals its came and washed our feet and then returned saying a goodbye. This was growing abstract for me and then we saw a kid flying a kite at the shore. I knew she wanted to hold the strings and feel the moment. I approached the kid and requested him if we could make and attempt to help the kite reach heights! She held the string and was very happy like a kid when he gets a chocolate bar he had been gazing at the store and wanted to eat that.
We then continued walking until we saw a log that was purposefully kept by god because he knew we would come. We were thankful to out host(fate) and made a stop and sat on the log. We went silent and were listening the best musician of the world called NATURE. I looked for a long while at the water, and the boats that were making their way out of the waves. I felt life was like a boat living in the ocean of this world, fighting the waves and making its own ways out of the ocean. I pulled a paper from my bag and started writing it.

लहरों को देखता हूँ तोह सोचता हूँ . . .
इनमें ही मेरा जीवन सिमट जाये तोह क्या बात है . . .
बाहें सिमटा लूँ तो सागर का किनारा. . .
जो इनको फैला दूँ तो अनंत भी हमारा . . .
कश्ती की तरह मझदार में जीवन का सफ़र हमारा । . .
एक ओर्र अनंत सागर तो एक ओर्र है किनारा!!!

I was getting lost in the beauty and the moment and had to come back before I could not be found.
We then walked back and came out to a roof top restaurant which had the amazing view of the beach at one end। It was a nice dinner after a long time followed by an ice-cream. we then returned to the shore and sat for a while and had a talk and a fag.
It was time to say good bye and I called for an auto and dropped her on the way and continued to my way back to Bangalore.
We had a nice time and the last words that I said to her:
Serendipity - A walk to Remember!