Sunday, March 14, 2010

Twinkling Eyes . . .

It was 8th Mar and there was sale of some stuff at his office. He paused for a moment and had a look at the stuff. He could not stop from buying a set a scented candles for her and had already decided to give by end of the day.

After he bought them, he went back to his desk and called his friend and asked her if she you would intrested in accompaying her till NCBS. She agreed and as planned, both finished their work early and met on the mid way.

He was very excited and wanted to surprise guddu and did not tell her that he was coming to meet her along with deep. They started on his bike for NCBS and for the first time he forgot the route and were driving on the unexplored parts of the bangalore city. Irony was whereever he stopped and asked the way out of the spider web of the roads, he was always requested to follow the fellow commuters who were often getting lost and he was back to zero and again the exploration begins.

Finally after about 2hrs drive, they reached he research center and then deep called her to find out where was she and still the suspense was not out that he and deep were at NCBS. She was having her dinner at the canteen. He left deep near the way to canteen and he went alone to the canteen looking for her. She had already finished her dinner by then and was returning to the lab and it was then that she saw deep standing and she just jumped in happiness.

He then got a call from deep saying that she was with her and then he walked back to them. She was jumping with joy already and to add more to it, he pulled her favourite thing scented candles and gifted her when they went back to canteen for dinner.

After the dinner, he took her out for an Ice-cream. She had her fruit flavoured ice-cream as usual and he his extra dark chocolate ice-cream. :)
He then bought some other little stuff for her and chocolates.

He had to leave back for home and was about to take a leave. He just looked at her and all that came to his mind were lines from Euphoria Band:
तेरे होटों के किसी कोने में हंसी की तरह मैं मेह्फुज़ हूँ . . .

She then hugged him and said thanks bhai and he was already in his best of times at Could Nine when he looked at her sisters TWINKLING EYES . . .

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