Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Walk to remember

Happiness is the word for a good time that lasts for a short while. . . but if the same thing can make a mark on your memory, it becomes the king of good times and then it no longer remains Happiness rather is called bliss.

I was talking to her on phone early in the evening and she sounded a little low. She was tensed and puzzled and was not able to find a solution. It was not easy for me as well but just advised to flow with the wind when you cannot make the wind flow in your way. She was getting exactly what I was saying.
After taking to her I felt that she was stuck in a spider web and the problems were like monster spiders and she was not finding a way out to kill the spiders or come out of the web. I thought let me take part and stay with her for a while in the web and make her realise that the web is just temporary and is going to vanish.
I left the office and met my travel agent on the way. I had already made up my mind to travel to chennai and meet her.I knew if I would have told this to others, they would have stopped me saying it was crazy. It did not matter to me if they did but they would have attempted to stop me from going and I did not want that to happen. So I got the tickets booked for the night and return the next day. Chennai is not one of the places I am comfortable with because of various reasons not to be mentioned explicitly.
Anyways I had arranged everything for my trip and then informed all that I was travelling. I boarded the bus and the journey had begun. I had fortunately charged my IPOD full and was listening to songs. Then I opted for a movie and watched it completely and then slept for a while and then the next time i opened my eyes, I was in chennai in guindy.
I got down and took my bag and was ready to traverse the unexplored and the unknown territory. It took a bit of time and help from a security guard at a tech park to book and board a taxi early in the morning for sholingnallur but finally it was done. I boarded the taxi and started on my way to meet her. I called her up on her land line and asked her what time does she get up?
She was a little confused early in the morning at half past five to understand if she should be shocked or surprised. It took few minutes for her to realise that I was actually in chennai to meet her and it was a pleasant surprise.
I reached the place to the guest house where she was staying. She came down and hugged me. She smiled and we planned to go for a morning walk. Though not of my kind but I agreed.
It was not a very long one but good and nice to walk early in the morning after a long time. The options we banked for having a breakfast were not open yet so we had a nice extra sweet chennai coffee at a stall nearby followed by a nice fag sitting beside a lorry on the road side which was from the great fertile lands of Punjab!
We then returned to the guest house and resumed our office work. we had to call off the office early by around 3 in the afternoon.
We then started to the besant nagar beach in a bus. It was nice to travel in the Volvo AC bus in the humid and sultry conditions. We got down at Madhya Kailash and got an auto to take us till the beach.
It was beautiful and just beautiful over there. open water till we could extend our vision. We removed our shoes and carried them in our hands and were walking at the shore. The water was playing with us. at regular intervals its came and washed our feet and then returned saying a goodbye. This was growing abstract for me and then we saw a kid flying a kite at the shore. I knew she wanted to hold the strings and feel the moment. I approached the kid and requested him if we could make and attempt to help the kite reach heights! She held the string and was very happy like a kid when he gets a chocolate bar he had been gazing at the store and wanted to eat that.
We then continued walking until we saw a log that was purposefully kept by god because he knew we would come. We were thankful to out host(fate) and made a stop and sat on the log. We went silent and were listening the best musician of the world called NATURE. I looked for a long while at the water, and the boats that were making their way out of the waves. I felt life was like a boat living in the ocean of this world, fighting the waves and making its own ways out of the ocean. I pulled a paper from my bag and started writing it.

लहरों को देखता हूँ तोह सोचता हूँ . . .
इनमें ही मेरा जीवन सिमट जाये तोह क्या बात है . . .
बाहें सिमटा लूँ तो सागर का किनारा. . .
जो इनको फैला दूँ तो अनंत भी हमारा . . .
कश्ती की तरह मझदार में जीवन का सफ़र हमारा । . .
एक ओर्र अनंत सागर तो एक ओर्र है किनारा!!!

I was getting lost in the beauty and the moment and had to come back before I could not be found.
We then walked back and came out to a roof top restaurant which had the amazing view of the beach at one end। It was a nice dinner after a long time followed by an ice-cream. we then returned to the shore and sat for a while and had a talk and a fag.
It was time to say good bye and I called for an auto and dropped her on the way and continued to my way back to Bangalore.
We had a nice time and the last words that I said to her:
Serendipity - A walk to Remember!


  1. arey wah!! toh app Blog-te bhi ho?? seems like the experience just had to bring out the Brit. and desi fusion literature out of you!! Must say... Real nice poem!! :)

    Keep marking your presence... later gater... see you when I see you... :D

    P.S. Serendipity is totally a Brits genius!! I'm sure AWTR also has some Brit touch somewhere!!